Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy weekends , Manic weekdays

Sometimes I wonder why time seems to fly pass us when we are having a good time. Both Friday and Saturday seemed to just zoom pass me without saying their proper goodbyes. Now that it is Sunday night again, I can sense the panic manic monday mode coming up. Am crossing my fingers, hoping that the coming week will be well and smooth sailing. My intituion tells me something else different though... * sighs a ' boy oh boy i wish i am not working ' sigh.

Saturday evening was spent with Liz and friends :) We had a simple meal at Liang court followed by drinks at Pump room and then later on at this ' wah so china' setting place called China one. ( lots of ang moh frequent the place apparently)

Here's how I spent my friday evening.

Dinner -- Ootoya

Chris and I both ate the highest calorie count dishes in Ootoya. We both had the Charbroiled Hamburger Steak.. hers has the Japanese Style Demiglace Sauce.

Charbroiled Hamburger Steak
in Japanese Style Demiglace Sauce

The whole set is about 1200 calories

cold udon

This chicken set comes with
sweet orange dip.. very nice :)

ceaser salad

Lady's finger and melon soup
* comes with the set*

Dining at Ootoya always gives us a sense of satisfaction

we played 'monsters'


Surely we have to walk off some of those calories , so we decided to explore the sky garden at Orchard Central

very long escalator that brings us to
the Sky Garden

very unusual tree!
can someone tell me what tree this is?

The view from the 11th floor

what is nicole thinking of?

Thursday 18 Feb

Went for CNY visit at good friend, Eileen's place . She whipped up Ba Kut teh for me and Yoki :)

See.. me and baby Jin Han wore the same color!~ She was in a emo mood that day :P


EP said...

Oh, they have changed the soup! How about the side-dish? Anyway, definitely time for me to take a trip down to Ootoya again!

Eileen. 静 said...

oh.. i will post the side dish up hhee.. it's kelp/seaweed and bite size octopus :P

Julian said...

Hmmm seem these days I don't get invited to catch up with you, Liz and Gotam.. *sighs*

Have a great year ahead dear! ;)

Eileen. 静 said...

like what liz has written on your blog.. we are more than happy to meet u !! we miss u :D ..just that sometimes u know u are busy..and our meetings are impromptu at times. ur still our dear friend * hugs*

Mama Bliss said...

wow those food really makes me go drooling... *slurp* look so yummy!!!

I'd would like to invite you to participate in my blog giveaway. Come join in the fun here

EP said...

Okay, the soup is not too bad. Strangely, the mucilaginous okura goes rather well with the soup!

But for the side-dish, I think it is not for everyone. Very strong vinegar and ginger combination! Haha...