Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feasting in the Year of Tiger Part 1

Yeah! We have officially stepped into the Tiger year. The lunar new year holidays have ended, and to me, all is back to norm.on the 4th day of the new year. I know some of you have taken leave and some only start work next week! Oh how I envy you. Then again.. I was rather bored being at home for I do not have much visitation to do on the 2nd and 3rd day of the year.

It has been by far one of the quietest Lunar New year in my life.

Despite it being quiet, I still managed to take quite a substantial number of photos :D

Reunion Dinner 13 Feb

This tiger among the oranges
greeted my guests at the living room

Christian couplets~
I bought them from Taka :)
* the kitchen is quite messy*

Do you decorate your room/house/flat
for Lunar New Year too?


This year could prob. be the last time we are gonna cook at home for reunion dinner. I really wouldn't mind forking out the $ for dinner next year at some simple restaurant. It saves us the trouble of cooking and washing of the pots and pans.

my fav.roast ducky this for a good year with abundance!

fried 年糕 with eggs

What are all these?
my maternal side is from Fu Zhou. There's fuzhou fish ball and yan (肉燕 )
These are food from fu zhou .. i think yan is also found in fu jian.

the other one is some mushroom filled ball :P
oh, there is also sliced abalone in the soup too


Had dinner with Liz, her darling G and Ivan at Chinatown last Friday. We couldn't have chosen a better day than the eve of Reunion dinner to 'stroll' down chintown. It was still fun hanging out with them

That's me with the tigers decor at the chinatown bridge

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