Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last day of the Ox Year - Eileen Eats

Eileen Eats

In the midst of preparing for Reunion Dinner, I have decided to post an entry of my "food trail'' before the Lunar New Year .

Just couple of weeks back, a few of us ( Liz and hubby, Ivan & I ) had dimsum at Wan Dou Sek ( 126 ).
126 never fails me. Others may think that the standard has dropped , but it still manages to satisfy me with what they have to offer.

The chee chong fun is awesome..
char siew bao is worth a try :D

Nothing too oily nor fried
this time round

9 dragons?
or HK Kowloon :D

oh boy..I really have to wear some other colors
besides b-l-u-e....

Ivan was there too..but as usual,
he hates the camera :P
So, that's me and Ivan's hand.


It was supper time after my music practice on Wednesday night. The girls have decided on having snacks at Tong Shui ( opp. beauty world ) . Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ruth finally received her Xmas gifts from both Chris and I. It was way overdue! She got gifts for both of us as well :D
Precious moments photo album
from me to Ruth

Cutesy Orange Spectacle Case
For Chris

The cutesy blue one for me~

I have only been to Tong Shui once
and I ordered a drink..

I found the snacks rather
'' unique ''

french toast
with maple syrup!~

Lotus leaf rice

weird combo
fried carrot cake with sweet tomato sauce
the carrot cake was nice eaten sans the sauce

we had breakfast food
at 11pm
* chee chong fun and egg~?*

Ruth gave these two cute key chain pens to us!
Have a sumptuous finger licking good
Reunion Dinner!

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