Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roar Tiger Roar!--Which Red Packet Do You Like?

The day is drawing near!~ Lunar New Year that is :D Are you all well prepared? Married adults, have you changed new notes for the red packets and have enough empty red packets to see you thru the New Year? As much as I may be on the receiving end of red packets, I always make sure my family has enough empty red packets to go around. I would usually chuck the 'uglier' ones away. Banks and companies sure go way out to splurge on printing 'ang baos' , afterall, it's a good marketing aveune.

I have collected quite a few this festive season . Let me show you the more impressive ones~ I have reserved the 'out of the mill' ones way below :P

I quite like the pale gold/greyish one
CapitaMall ( Capital land )

NTUC Fairprice
Simple modern design

One of my fav~
3 generations!
There are 4 designs in a packet :)

Another cute one~
So cheery~

I love this~
from an adversting agency
shan't reveal it's name :P


Now for the
normal ones..


surely u can do better?

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