Thursday, January 28, 2010

To the Museum : Carrier bags --1950s to 1980s 袋子物语

What do you do with those carrier/ shopping bags after you emptied the items upon returning home? Do you chuck the uglier ones aside , while keeping the nicer and branded ones away? I usually use the plastic bags from supermarkets to line my trash bin (or carrier bags made of paper are also used to line my bin) , and keep those which are more durable. Lately, more and more retailers have been giving out carrier bags of better quality as they realised consumers do reuse and recycle such bags. It serves as a form of marketing and it benefit the consumers too. A well designed carrier bag can 'lure' customers to make purchase in a particular shop :)

I love collecting carrier bags. Perhaps not many of you know that :P Yes, i do have a place where by i will keep all kinds of plastic and paper bags .. not just those in S'pore. I have a few nice ones from trips abroad . Who knows, maybe I can have a carrier bag exhibition in years to come :D Before you see my collection, here's the current one that is on going at the National Museum!!

Now, come follow me on a shopping trip down memory lane...

Here are some of my favorite on display

my grandma used to cook with this!

A piece of history!
I used to drink it

Eye catching!
Love this Milo paper bag
Milo is a tonic drink!

cock brand...anyone?

Did u know Bata is from Czech ?

our once fav. department store
Yaohan :D

Let's spend another afternoon
at the museum soon!

We couldn't figure out
what creature this is

if only we had a picnic basket and a mat!


Fanny said...

saw you the other day and I think your skin has ugly women, only lazy women, so....all the best for your tiger year to come...hope you can find a life partner soon!

Eileen. 静 said...

the meaning of life partner these days has been altered. people come and go.. anyway.. so u go by the name of Fanny these days? No more Rachael? Either way.. whatever. I am in no hurry of getting a ' life partner'. If I do, you will be informed or somehow u will know..since u love lurking around me.