Monday, February 01, 2010

Girls' talk @ 313 Somerset Icing Room

Venue-- 313 Somerset

Icing Room ( same family as Breadtalk )

It has been so long since the 4 ladies have tea together. I mean we meet all the time but it's just not easy to have the 4 of us meeting at the same time!

It's nice to just block out everything & just enjoy the company and sweet treats for that short 2 hours.

For once I am not in blue! oh and Chris has straightened her hair... she got bored of her curls after a yr :P

Some of you may know the Icing Room for the DIY cakes. The first outlet is at Jurong Point and the 2nd outlet is at 313.

The Icing room at 313 has a corner cafe for shoppers to have a cuppa and some cakes. The decor is very Victorian and somewhat girly to me. The cafe corner sits rougly about 20 people . I was skeptical when it comes to Breadtalk cakes so was abit hestitant to try Icing room's desserts. But hey, they suprised me. It was quite delicious : D

double chocolate cake
there is a layer of choc mousse

the outer coating is dark choco

mango pudding
with fruits topping

raspberry romance

classic tea ware

Chris and her green apple drink
it has jelly cubes
nice color isn't it!
but the drink is wayyyyy too sweeeetttt!

we all concluded that
this chair is for small butts!
but we all gushed about the
velvety design on the chair~

Have a great week ahead!
just 13 days more to CNY :D


Anonymous said...

i miss breadtalk! And those cakes look heavenly ... :/ Hehee must be fun to hang out in a group of only females.. you can talk about so much stuff :D

Eileen. 静 said...

doesn't have to be just girls.. it can be fun having a gossiping session with guys too :P the most impt thing is u have to be comfortable and at ease with them! but yeah.. having good gal friends does make a difference! :)