Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Expedition - Sky Bridge @ Pinncles

I had a fun time at the 50th floor Sky Bridge. It's worth the $5 going up there. Truth is , it was totally impromptu of me to even be making this trip to Duxton.

I had to oversee a voice recording in a studio in Chinatown last Saturday and after being trapped in the recording studio for 5 hours , I just wanna go out and do something that will please myself :P I jostled with the crowed in People's Park for 10 mins and decided the Lunar New year mood there isn't doing me any good. It's overly congested, the air is stale and not to mention the noise. There were hundreds of people seated by the road pavement waiting for the LNY lightup program to start.

I found myself walking towards Outram MRT station and before I knew it, I was at the other side of Chinatown . It was at this exact moment that I decided to go on my solo expedition to the 50th storey Sky bridge :D

Now, before you say 'yeah let's go~", pls make sure you have enough credits in you EZ link card. The 'admission' charge is $5 per non resident. Of coz it's best if you have friends staying at the apartments , as residents are issued pass cards to the sky bridge.

There are 7 blocks at this estate and the bridge spans from Blk 1A to Blk 1 G! You literally get a bird's eye view of the whole area. ~ I totally love the view plus the breeze~ It gets really cold when night fall, so go arm with a jacket or sweater if you plan to enjoy the sunset and night view :)

Here's my journey up to the 50th floor!

up up and away

tight security?
premium living?

I would say the best time to go is
between 6-7pm
You can get to enjoy both day light and
after dark views of the lovely sights :)

I spent quite sometime to edit all my photos
used the wide angle function in the camera :D

the busy port

Great sunset view

I love the mixture of colors
and bright lights


There are many armed with their SLR
All trying to capture a good shot of the sunset


Do note that only 200 head counts per day are allowed to access the sky bridge. Oh, each ez link card can only be used once. As in each person needs one card for the purchase of fees.

Sky Garden Dos and Don'ts!!

no food and drinks~?
that is ridiculous..
I only notice this sign when
i was leaving the garden...

For more information
pls refer to the Pinnacle@duxton website :D

pss: think again if you wanna go there to watch fireworks ...coz only 100 tickets are open for balloting to the public on special occassions!

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