Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friday Night-- Japanese food n Everything with fries

I am trying my very best to distract myself from the excruciating toothache that I am experiencing now. It is by far the worst ever toothache. If you think wisdom toothache is horrifying, please, this is 100x worse~~~~~~ I used to do cold compress on my wisdom toothache.. but for this case, I don't dare to apply any pressure to the tooth.. mere touching it with my tongue is enough to send me going 'ouch ouch ouch'!!

Made a dash to the another dental clinic as my dentist is only available on Tuesday morning. To cut the story short, I need root canal for my front tooth. The dentist prescribed me two types of antibiotic and some painkillers. I have taken two dosage of the painkillers, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on me... *shrugs* . It is still painful. Anyway, what is thrown on the tables for me now is a root canal treatment plus putting on a crown. Boy this is gonna be so much fun!! * yeah right*

So, last friday, before the pain started haunting me, I was out for dinner with two dear friends, Thomas & Mus.


8 Jan Friday

First stop.. Ichiban Boshi at Parkway.

I was amazed by Parkway's transformation! There are new additions to the existing restaurants and food choices :) . One of them would be Ichiban Boshi.

We all love our japanese food! There is something for everyone! :)

My Sukiya Set
I sure love beef!!

Mus' dinner
Chicken katsu with softshell crab...

This is what dear Prof.Manhart ate..
quite a wide spread

Next stop was dessert at this rather small cafe along Joo Chiat . It has a cute name, Everything with Fries. I have heard about this place, just that I didn't had the chance to swing by for food till last Friday with the guys :)

I was told by Mus that the Nutalla tart is a must try at Everything with Fries.

We found it way way too rich..
It would be nice if there were some berries to go
along with all the sweet chocolately richness

this is a new dessert
My fav. of the two!
I love the warm banana pudding..
It just oozed so much goodness

thomas almost wanted to lick up all the
butterscotch left on the plate

Mus and his new toy :D

me and thomas
looking good :D

It was back to Thomas' after dessert
and here's me chilling at the porch

Cat resting on Thomas
i can't help but to snapped Cat's brown
butt.. hehee

Looking up at the dragonfly..
he wants to 'play' with it..

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