Saturday, January 09, 2010

1st dinner outing of the yr - Watami @ Ion Orchard

It was meant to be a large gathering..but in the end.. there were only 5 of us :P Still, we managed to have a fun time eating and later on, Irene, May and I chilled out and chatted till late. You just can't go wrong when there is food and good company .

We had wanted to try the food over at Go Go Curry, but having checked out the place , it was just unsuitable for kids and prams. We settled for dinner at Watami Ion eventually.

Dear Vivia
Showing off her cuteness !

Baby Vel
She has grown so much~
and looked different again

I am sure by now that you must have found out that there is no reservation service at the Ion branch. I was rather surprise to find the restaurant running in full house. It seems like just anotherWaraku to me. So i dun have much expectations .

We were given a rather obscure table ..tucked right in a corner, which was good as we have 2 kiddos with us. One thing though, the waiting staff were very busy and it may be difficult to get the attention of the waiting staff when u wanna order .

Anyway, I had the garlic seafood rice. Was expecting more flavorful rice but it was just sprinkled with roasted garlic. For $8.80, i guess i can't complain much. there were few slices of salmon and squid.

Irene had the chicken katsu set. That was okay. I guess I am not much of a katus fan.

Lynn with her diet restriction ate the nabe. Soup was delicious, not too spicy.

Loads of Veggie goodness

It is not a quiet place, people come here in big groups and it gets really noisy :) Our kiddos had a fun time too. When Vincent asked if he can use a power point so he could use the food warmer to warm up milk for Vel, the manager was obliging but added that they are not responsible if the warmer is faulty after usage. well..i thought that was redundant :/

We also ordered the banana choco pudding for dessert. it is only for banana fans as the proportion of choco to banana is 1:5 ... the choco only covers the top part.. it;s all banana after that

Have some sake with the pudding :D

I am still new to the camera,

hence the lousy focus

mango parfait

Overall it was okay lah.. maybe i will try other dishes next time.. well..prices are reasonable for a simple dinner.

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