Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First post of 2010-- I love all my accessories n jewellries

Happy New Year readers and friends!~ it is the 6th day into 2010 and I hope you are all doing well :D Or are you one of those who unfortunately fell into the pool of new year flu virus? I am on the edge of falling into the disgusting pool and am now desperately trying to self medicate :P * darn, i just sneezed* I have a busy weekend and would not wanna be home nursing a lousy cold! NO I will not :D

So I had quite an uneventful evening (read : bored, restless, sian, ) , hence decided to go forth and pack some of my accessories ( earrings, rings, etc) . It was only in the midst of packing, did I realised the amount of earrings I have collected over the years.

How about you? Do you buy alot of accessories too? How do u keep your items?

Mine are all kept individually in tiny zip locked bags and then placed in containers or drawers. I don't like the idea of keeping them out in the open..dust and the air will oxidize them and some will also lose their shine.

some of the containers I

this container isn't just
for food : D

Try to keep your accessories
in their original pouches .
It helps to prevent them from scratches too

I bought this from muji many years ago
they are still selling this..
of coz the price has inflated
Everything is sealed up.

This container is from Daiso Love this as everything is in sight
once you open it. I only keep those items
that will not oxidize here.. * or those lower in value :P *

Gold items are kept separately. Never mix your accessories as their colors will sometimes be altered .

Here are some sentimental pieces ....

I had my ears pierced when
i turned 14...
this was my first pair of earrings :)
They are still in good condition

Was it mum or my grandma that gave me this?
I am still wearing this occasionally

Once upon a time...
we were great pals..she gave this to me on one of my

Are you wondering how many earrings I have?
haha.. I do not have the answer for that..
All I know is that the collection is growing..


blackespresso said...

Ohmygod you are soo neat! You should see my accessories collection and how they're kept... :/ Maybe I should blog about that one :P

Eileen. 静 said...'s not easy.. i would just throw them on the table when i get home..and of coz there were times i just lost them in the sea of mess .. so in order to avoid losing my favorite pieces, i decided i need to be more discipline in keeping them properly each time i remove them. Also, i hate it when jewelries tarnish really have to keep them this way :P