Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last entry for 2009

It is the last few hours of 2009. I am really very drained from what happened today at work. Gone are the days where I can have a carefree year end. I have procrastinate too long.

It's time to make a decision and what could be a better time than the last day of the year? I have complained and ranted about it to so many of my close friends that they are sick of me repeating myself. Even I am sick of it.

I misplaced some of my time earlier this year, but gradually found it back and put it where it should belong. Certain aspects of my life were miserably dull and lack of lustre..while other departments shone.

I made some new friends along the way and found out who are my nemesis. Friendship grew stronger with some while others simply faded away.

2009 was a year of surprises and heartache like how other years were. One thing for sure, the number of times tears were shed in the past 365 days had been lesser , but when they fall, it was unstoppable.

Let's toast to another great year of fun, laughter, tears, good food, more shopping, more good men coming my way~

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blackespresso said...

I hope i'm the first person to comment on the first day of the new year too!!

Happy new year Eileen! <3<3