Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Breakfast at Canele

We , namely Ruth, Chrissy , me and naughty Nicole went for breakfast at Canele sometime last week. We had a quick catch up before Ruth jets off to land of the rising sun for her first family trip! ( It should be a challenge travelling with two young children )

Note that the breakfast menu is a new addition to Canele's selection. They have plenty of room for improvement I tell ya. The service staff that morning wasn't too attentive either, and that kinda marred our happy mood for the morning.

All 3 of us ladies ordered the

Le Petit Dejeuner

This is the main
( bacon was too hard!)

it comes served with viennoiserie
( in my case, sweet croissant, muffin and a danish of sort )

Ruth's viennoiserie
had this very very rock hard pastry
she would have ask for a different one if
she knew how inedible the crust was.

Guess how she managed to eat this?
She had to use the fork to dig out the softer

Ear wax~?!?!?
* urgh~*
* what a turn off hahaha*

Doubt we'll be going there any sooner.


Spending time with Nicole

* Note to self *
*Do not go any tourist attractions on public holidays*

^ totally felt like a foreigner in my own country *

Perhaps not the best idea to go across the bridge to the happy fun filled island i.e Sentosa on a public holiday. Still , we managed to inject some fun to our short short short stay there.

insisted that we take a photo
with her toy cat

ended the day with photos taking at
Vivo Tree

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