Saturday, November 28, 2009

A taste of Hokkaido-- Aoba Hokkaido Ramen

Am immersing myself in Japanese food lately. This might come slightly later than most others, I finally tried the Aoba Hokkaido Ramen located at Ion Orchard.
The que was impossible when they first open months ago. We were there about 8.30pm and there was no one in the que. ( It was full house though) . As we were in the que waiting for our table, Chris incidentally commented that the menu layout ( something in that line ) resembles Ajisen ...and after diggin of info on the net, I found out that yeah, Ajisen brought in this ramen chain.

I like the decor on the walls
and the cute usage of crates for lighting

Not being a big fan of miso, I decided to go for the Shoyu Tontoro Ramen. It comes served with an egg, a piece of nori , and ( IMO) generous serving of tontoro * belly meat* ( i love meat with a bit of fats ) . The noodles have a springy texture . Soup was tasty and not too salty though we did get thirsty on our way home.

*mark & chrissy both had the shoyu base noodles too..
albeit different kinds of meat*

sides to share
Mentai Tofu
* in love with mentai*

bacon asparagus

Happy people

Nicole at the Ion Tree

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