Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A meat overdosed Christmas season Part 2

Being a busy period at work, I have been coming home late and really has no motivation nor energy to continue with my Xmas entry.

I decided to finish off with the entry today :) Don't wish to put it off till the new year haaha.

Christmas Eve

I joined Chris, Mark and Nicole for church xmas special in the evening. We were there from 7-10pm

It was off to the Marina Barrage again with some of our church mates . Boy was it tough trying to look for food to feed a group of 8 adults on Christmas eve. Most of the grilled poultry were sold out at Giant's. In the end we settled for some soya sauce chicken, smoked salmon, roasted pork belly ( so oily but tasted good :P ) and ham!

The Barrage was buslting with life at12 midnight I tell ya! Many groups of families and friends were there to celebrate Christmas . It was literally packed on the top most level ( where the grass patch is ) .

Many came packed with mats and food just like us :) It was cooling and we love the view :) Brightly lited kites peppered the sky and it was just fun looking at them .

Singapore Flyer and it's Xmas tree

It 'd be much nicer when
the IR is completed

it was another late night as we chatted till the wee hours again :P

Gave Nicole a tee shirt and a strawberry
shortcake purse


Christmas Day

My family had a simple Christmas day lunch .

Brussels sprouts, turkey and chicken

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