Monday, December 28, 2009

A meat overdosed Christmas season Part 1

Now that the Christmas festivities have come to an end, I have more time to get into the business of blogging about it :)

This year's Christmas, I am truly blessed with many wonderful meals and company of friends and family. Thanks to them, i am also showered with lovely gifts :)

So here's my run down of what took place this week :)

Wednesday 23rd Dec

Met liz for quick lunch on a week day. She's pretty busy lately.. We ate at Ramen Monster, a newly opened place in Velocity Novena

I gave liz a scarf and
she got me a cucat mug

love the mural~

Later in the evening, Chris and i were suppose to meet Ruth for drinks and supper . Ruth couldn't make it at the last min. so it just me and Chris in the end :P we had late dinner at Ice Cold beer and later exchanged gifts & chat late into the night @ Marina Barrage.

The thin crust pizza...

here's the must eat chicken wings
I eat this 99% of the time
when I am @ ICB.

So sweet of Chris to have bought me
a cupcake :)

We wanted to sit over at the pavilions..
but each one of them housed a couple!

Gift Exchange Time~

Chris received a photo album, scarf as well as
very sweet precious moments toiletries
from me :)

we just sat around , enjoying the cool breeze and good converstation for a good two hours or so before we head back home at 2am

Thanks Chris for the
Gucci envy and pouch :)

Thursday 24 Dec

Being Christmas eve, the office was on half day and we all went out for lunch :) I had reserve a table at Sizzler. Food there was okay.. I just it was just a time for everyone to get together as a team.

Ribeye..medium rare

Some veg.

someone said this is my face
the spoon would be my tongue sticking out :P

one for the album
Edith and I with bunny ears

I am really beat now.. shall continue another time~ Ciao.. and take this time to reflect on
what have you done in 2009 :)

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