Thursday, December 31, 2009

I love Boxing day.

I had the good company of Eileen Ng and Wei Ting on Boxing Day :) I had so much fun with baby Xenia too... one of the most bubbly baby ever :) I spent the whole of Saturday in the north, first stop was AMK, followed by late lunch at Yishun , and ended the day in Bishan

Thanks Wei ting for the bath salt!
* i love dutch lamps*


Come evening, I made my way to Jame's place for a small cozy BBQ.

Another meaty meal!
* i forgot to snap a pic of the wagyu beef*

Have some fungi

food being cooked in purple flame!~

no cover charge for BBQ
however, u have to bring a gift :P

The happy people

Happy people with their
exchanged gifts :)
* I received a DVD~*

So that basically conclude my Christmas celebration .

Here are my christmas pressies!

Thanks to my dearest brother for
the new camera!

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