Friday, December 04, 2009

Eileen eats The Hand Burger at Raffles City

My dear foodie 'informant' -- Edwin, told me about The Hand Burger couple of months back. This place is brought to us by the same people behind Soup Spoon.I did pass by on occasions when I was at Raffles City . I could have eaten there alone, just that, I prefer to get a pal to join me on my food expedition. So I waited for the right moment and so that explains why the whole village has already been there while me, only managed to bite into the burger just last Friday with Liz :)

I like the clever use of space and how the chairs are concealed into the tables when not being used. Mirrors made the cafe look bigger than it is- quite a small place really..and with that said, expect to be heard by your neighbor when you speak, as the seating arrangement is rather snug. Did I mention that this place is not one where u would wanna linger long after eating as the chairs are very low back ..not very comfy at all. Thankfully the food is a draw :P

After being shown to our table and given the ' worn out and dogged ear' menu, we began to thumb through the pages.

this is how the menu looks like
cool presentation , but
like i say, after awhile, it gets all
crumpled and dirty

you can choose either a side of fries or stuff tomato
to go along with your burger

i like fries with skin!
this one is crispy :)

Liz chose the stuffed tomato

Healthy option to the fries :P

there were about 7-8 types of burgers to choose from
(i will try the duck confit next time~)
both of us unanimously ordered the
stuffed portobello burger

the buns are very tasty with a tint of green while the mushroom's stuffed with puree spinach , garlic and some herbs.

We didn't order any drinks as the burger and sides are very filling already.
Will surely be back for more soon :)
* ice water is free*

i like the cut outs on the wall

Raffles City Shopping Centre
+65 6334 4577
( next to soup spoon)

Another Hand Burger meal

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