Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An Evening at the Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum Open House

Chris, Nicole and I spend an hour or two at the Pernanakan Museum last Saturday. I found out about the open house on a blog. Yup, it was free admission :D It was our first visit to this museum.

meet the ACM cat
This cat sits just right at the entrance to the museum

Cheeky girl..
i like this pic! hehe
At first she just stood there touching the statue's hand,
but we wanted her to pose.. so this was it..
she's such a cutie at times.

The building used to be Tao Nan School

bridal gown

bling blings

I believe this is the bridal room

this wall brightened up our day
such a instant mood lifter :)

There was a section where u can hear recorded conversations
of bibis talking to their friends.

Just pick up the handset and listen
The ancient phone


Such pastel colors!

unfinished shoes
there are still beaded shoes being sold
just that they are very expensive
as the process of beading is long and tiring

there were lots of porcelain
on display.

There was also a flea market that Saturday. It has held just outside Timbre and the museum was giving out 'coupons' ( they were actually just stickers) for visitors to collect their free beer and pizza from the stalls set outside Timbre. The museum temp staff handled the giving out of coupons terribly, making those who were waiting for the coupons feeling silly. We had to wait for a stipulated timing for collection ..and what's worst is the staff were haughty and hostile!

Nevertheless, we managed to collect our pizza and beer ( Mark joined us and he got to eat the pizza too :) It was pouring and we had to eat in the car! I pity those who set up stalls at the flea..can you imagine being stuck there in the rain with no customers?

Will update more later! Ciao now

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