Wednesday, November 11, 2009

away with the bad stuff..

Sometimes I count my blessings too early. Last week was a great week.. however, who's to guess that this week is becoming a nightmare of sorts for me. (都怪我得罪小人)Yes, I stepped on someone's toes and has to suffer certain consequence. Still, I am staying positive that all will be good at the end~ :) As for now, I am bugged by a horrible backache and migraine due to the usual monthly matters.

Oh, how can I forget about a horrible vicious comment I received from a 'reader' just few days ago. Anyway, I will put all these unhappiness away and stay positive!

I should have posted this event long ago.. been lazy, plus am now hooked on a TVB series .. here are the photos :)

We had a makan session at Thomas' to celebrate the success of our recent performance

Meet the happy chef at work!

This is Thomas' signature dish
it's like pizza but without the cheese
sour cream is used :)

i didn't touch those donuts..
kinda got scared of them already

Nicole and Christine were there too :)
Naughty Nicole was trying to
play with Cat the whole night...

however, Cat ( yes, it's really the cat's name)
is actually a tiger in a cat's body..
she is really naughty~totally refused to stay still
and still enjoys pouncing on me

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