Saturday, November 07, 2009

Spending time with good friends

I was baffled at how fast this week has gone by. Are the days getting shorter? Gee no.. the last I checked, we are still having 24 hours a day and it's still 7 days a week. Strange. It seems that time files when the year is coming to an end.

Have you been spending time with family and friends much these days? I did! and when good friends come together, food is always involve :P

Monday 2 Nov

First up was movie at Cathay with P. It was my first time watching a 3 D movie :P yea..i know.. really way behind you guys . We caught Coraline and thru the 3 D glasses, it was such a treat! The characters came alive! The storyline is simple. Be contented and give thanks to what you have :)

we took short walk to Mr Bean's after the movie
and settled down for drinks and
this rock hard brownie..yes it was super hard
but at the same time, it was still palatable

Tuesday 3 Nov

The need to settle some work issues brought me down to the vicinity of Bukit Merah on this raining Tuesday. By the time I was done, it was almost lunch time. Seeing that there wasn't much of the lunch crowd at the coffeeshop, I quickly ordered a set of Ayam Penyet and a can of coke zero. You can't go wrong with ayam penyet.. and the chilli is good even though it is a killer. The coke zero came in handy to wash down the fire in my mouth.

Tuesday evening

Both Chris and I decided to meet , for what? No reason actually. hahaa. We usually do this just becoz we are bored or restless. It was off to Chomp Chomp for Frolick .

Mine's the one with mango topping and her's 士多啤梨
*士多啤梨- strawberry in cantones :D *

Friday 6 Nov

I had quite an easy day at work which was really pleasent. No stress, no 'life and death' issues to deal with. * Happy*

Was even happier to leave on the dot so I can go meet dear Liz in town :) I wore my new scarf from Uniqlo. The weather was lovely.. cooling enough for the scarf to make its debut :)

Dinner was homemade style beef soup at Cedele. Liz had the chicken soup ala indian spices. We are great fans of their soups and bread.

it was a no make up day for me and liz..
hence this tiny pic of me with my scarf..

How apt right? Liz was wearing her puma jacket
while I have a scarf around me..
It feels almost like winter time!
Christmas is just round the corner!

Balls :P along orchard road

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