Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are all farmers and chefs in facebook land

Admit it will you? come on... u are hooked to these games as well :P

I am currently both a farmer and chef...

Only in FB that you can find a pink cow! And guess what milk she produces? Strawberry :D
see....i even have elephants on my farm..

Here's an over view of my farm....

Come..let's whip up a storm!~ Have u joined Cafe world yet?
I'm kinda slow... only at level 7... it's very laggy playing it at home.. my system's slow

Games aside, I spend quite a fair bit of time away from home during the Deepavali weekend.

Saturday was spent at Ang Mo Kio. ( Was at two gal friends' places) First I popped by my gal friend, Eileen Ng's place. It has been 5 mths since I last saw her! Plus I so so so wanna meet cutie baby Xenia .

So here she is!
Hello..i am Xenia, 6 months old :)
check out my chubby cheeks~

She's a very bubbly and happy baby. It didn't take us long to warm up. According to Eileen Ng, Xenia usually takes sometime b4 she starts to get friendly with her other friends. But with me, she was chuckling to my funny faces and * ahem* act cute voice in less than 5 mins! It's not easy capturing her giggles and smiles as she kinda knew that the camera was focusing on her and she'll just froze there hahaha..


After a nice yummy home cooked dinner with Eileen and her hubby, I made my way to Sharon's place for AMK part 2. This was a strictly no kids allowed booze event.

All the alcoholic stuff
oh yes..even the cake~!

one of my gal friend's baked this
it has been infused with 3 kinds of hard liquor
This is potent stuff!
I believe it was this cake that knocked me out...

Almost like a christmas pudding

I bought the Moscato
Some loved it.
Some disliked the initial sweetness :P
++ but i love it ++

No prizes for guessing who went home feeling lousy.
Yes, it was yours truly . I didn't eat alot, however, the food, the wine plus the cake 'killed' me. I was feeling totally horrible in the car ride home..but kept my cool. I staggered to the lift and as the lift 'crept' passed 3rd floor, I let it all out. One word- YUCKY. As always, I was instantly cured of the horrible feeling.. was way much better after that. So please believe me when i tell you my body really cannot digest much alcohol -_-

Other random news

Hair's getting longer... managed to do a half bun

Check out my brother's new ( but not a new model in the market ) camera

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