Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's up?

Here I am sitting in front of my screen..... try my very best to come up with something smart and witty to write about... yet nothing of that came out. This is what you'd be getting today.. mundane , boring crap. There are days when I feel like I am functioning like a robot.. going through the routine without thinking much about it. Today happens to be one such day. Something seems lacking.. and I can't point a finger as to what is.

Oh, I will be posting a photo of myself/or with family from my childhood once fornight and will recount the event that happened. This has been inspired by Julian who has started his childhood 'memoirs' in his blog. Mine may or may not be in chronicled order .. it largely depends on my memory bank and my mood of the day :D It may not be well received but it doesn't matter.. it gives me something to write about . Those were fun days :)

Today does not seem to be a good day to embark on this.. my mind is just not here. Gonna ps scram now.. hope your day's better than mine!

ps : I wore leggings yesterday... it's about the only time i wish I have longer legs :P

ps: I received two cute items this week :)

Chrissy gave me this bunny mouse pad!

so cutesy

Brother gave me a to fu tee~
see how straight the strawberry stands :P

I'll never grow out of cutesy stuff
no matter how old I am :P

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