Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy birthday Christine and Ruth!~

Today's Christine's birthday :) and yes, she has become a member of the 30s club :P We met for dinner and drinks yesterday and here are some photos. I am still waiting for the other group photos as they are in Ruth's and Chris' cameras. Oh, we also celebrated Ruth's birthday as her birthday's just round the corner, 1oth of Oct, which is next Saturday :)

Constance handing out presents to Chris and Ruth
( dinner venue was HV Crystal Jade )

I took this photo..
Ruth looks great!

I gave this mook marc jacobs
bag to Chris way before her bday :)

We moved on to another venue for drinks

Been wanting to go District 10 for drinks ever since I heard about the place :) It sits on the former Monk's Hill Sec. School premise. It's just a stone's throw from Newton circus hawker center..

we were first seated in the air con dining area, but just after 3 mins, we decided to head out to the open air area instead. The ceiling's pretty low in doors, so it makes talking very difficult, the chatters and noises were kept enclosed. We had to shout that's bad . Okay, noise level aside, I quite like the cafeteria concept, the open kitchen concept where u can see the chefs and cooks preparing the food :)

So out we go...seated at the non smoking corner, away from the puffers. The two areas are separated by a huge old tree whose branches 'umbrella-d' above us :) There were whimsical lamps hanging from the tree branches, making the al fresco area a better place to chill out than the in doors. Oh, the huge tree is also the water a rain forest of sort :P

Food prices seem reasonably affordable. Seems like a good mix of snacks, salads and mains.
Expect the usual cafe beverages but if wine is what you like, take your pick from the different pricing ..from $39 onwards.

can you see the bird in it's cage?
that's the lamp :)

I passed the ladies their presents!~

Chris can't wait to open her part two :P

Check out how the wrapper
reflects the light! I bought them
from Waston's ( last xmas )
So pretty... and yes
Ruth looks really good !~

Ruth gave Chris her 2nd birthday bag~
A super duper cute shopping bag
good for carting all the grocery or books!

I made them both cards!

Chris and Conz reading the stuff I wrote inside~

Tickled Ruth!
Do you like the cards I made too? :)
*beams* the girls love them!

Our spread at District 10

tiramisu--once again, not the nicest..lacking in rum
tad too sweet

cheesecake with lime/lemon sorbet
I quite like this one..

Tiger prawns ( 2 only lol) & calameries
hmm.. so so..not much seasoning
great dip though..garlic dip

how bout some fries?

they still have skin on them.. i like~

All my group shots are with the ladies

I managed to take a single shot with my phone
gotta adjust lighting n color as usual
I look retro !!

We had a great time eating , laughing and taking pictures.

Did I mention that it was quite a feat getting all of us together?
hahahaha..everyone's schedule just clashes

So that was it for the night!
I am looking forward to another fun session with the ladies
( quick send me photos can? hahah)

District 10 is located at


Here are the cards I made for Chris and Ruth

For Chris

For Ruth :)

Played with a photo enhancing software from
either taiwan or china

changed the lighting again
i love my bunny tee~

Here it is full glory hehee


Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen,

Happened to read your blog and I saw my sec sch teacher Constance Chee!! (Bukit Batok Sec)

Is there anyway that I could contact her again? My email is

She knows me by Rui Shan. (wondering if she can still remember me or not)

Million thanks to u!
Janet Lim

Eileen. 静 said...

Hello there~
:) it'd be my pleasure to convey the message to Constance! I will let her know!