Sunday, October 04, 2009

{ Prologue } @ Ion Orchard

Prologue is the latest addition to Popoular's family of bookstores. She welcomes her readers and shoppers last Thursday. I like such bookstores; bright, has a view and high ceilings!
Prologue is on the 4th level of Ion and you wouldn't miss it..just look out for the white dinosaur right at the entrance of the store :)

There are two areas to the store. First level houses all the reading materials and you'd be able to find all the stationary ( scrapbooking materials as well! ) on the 2nd level which is accessible via the store's red staircase . It can be a hassle going up and down the stairs ..especially for the older folks .

Reminds me of Page one at Vivo :P

I like the whole concept :)
(except for the staircase)

~Prologue and Urban Write are my current fav. stationary store~
* there's discount for my scrap booking papers!*

PS: use your popular card here for 10% discounts.
They are bright, colorful, and they
simply bring a smile to your face!
Britto In Singapore

* all shots taken with my phone*

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