Thursday, September 10, 2009

Overcoming her dental fears! Done!

The moment has arrived . At 10.30am this morning to be exact. I was torn into pieces. I took heavy strides as I walk from my flat to the dental clinic . My heart was about to pop out as I pushed the door open to the clinic. The lady recept greeted me and I was shown into the doctor's room in no less than 3 minutes.

A pleasant looking gentleman of early 40s appear from the adjourning room . I was a little apprehensive still as to how I will be treated under his probing :X Boy was he awfully gentle when he speaks! Dr. Lim is soft spoken, plus he speaks well and in a comforting manner, thus alleviating some of my fears.

I had to prepare him mentally for what I think could be one of his worst night I recounted my fears of dentists and told him that my condition could be really bad. As I laid back on the chair, many silly thoughts ran by my mind. Now what if I bleed real bad? what if it was 'irrpairable' ? haha..lots of 'what ifs' running around.

So as it is, I am deemed as very 'holey' ( no floating halos above my head ) . The major issue has been addressed and I'll have to return to patch up the smaller cavities . Dr. Lim had to reassure me that it will be quite pain free with the local anesthesia ..though I still seriously dislike the sound of the drill.

There was a minor hiccup during the patching process as my gums were quite senstive and started to bleed. So Dr. Lim had to stop it. So it took slightly longer time than usual to fix it. But it has been done! :D

It really took alot for me to gather the courage to face up to my fears. Thankfully it was not as bad as I thought. With that said, I have promised myself not to procrastinate when it comes to dental issues. It's just not worth it..not to mention the costs!

Dental fear is real. I mean those who has gone thru bad experience would probably understand how I feel.

Here's some advice to over come this horrible fear.

The most important step to overcoming dental anxiety is finding a good dentist and you should always start with a list of dentists so that you have options. A good dentist is one who:

  • is patient
  • is highly competent
  • endeavors to make each meeting pain free
  • genuinely cares about you
  • has the ability to nurture you through past traumas.
Ask friends and family for a list of dentists that they would recommend

I still clammed up and still get very tensed
But it is a big step for me to face up to it


Alicia said...

Love going to my dentist! :D she makes my teeth and braces better..

Eileen. 静 said...

haahaha..'s really lesson learn lor..

i will do preventive dental care from now! have regular check ups! hahah