Monday, September 07, 2009

in trepidation n some useless updates

for some strange reason..
am in trepidation

can't put it in words as to why...

cough seems to be here to stay

anyway, the weekend went well with Liz.
We met , we ate , we shared and we shopped.

in other less useful news, I am suffering from wallet burn out..
so no shopping for awhile..a very long while!~

In even more useless news...

wore a new dress on saturday

I seldom clear my Gmail
It's for all the facebook updates :P

on a very cloudy day..
i can almost see Heaven


Anonymous said...

and i thought my 1000s of unread mails was atrocious... you totally beat me at it!!! (^_^)vernice

Eileen. 静 said...


i have no idea how i even accumulate all those mails! facebook sends almost all kinds of updates it got to a point that i can't be bothered and just let it be

Jade said...

Love the dress! Yes yes facebook... It practically killed my yahoo mailbox so i just dumped it and let facebook do whatever it wants.. :p still, 10k is a lot of mails you got there!