Monday, September 14, 2009

The One who tried out the foamy hair dye

It has been months since I last colored my hair. The different tones between the roots and the ends were quite obvious. As I wasn't quite keen on spending $80 just to have it colored at the salon, I bought the latest hair dye from NTUC. Chris tried it out first and the color looked pretty passable for a DIY dye :)

It has a sugary name : Sweet Pink
Packaging is attractive too

In fact, i knew that this product will be out in the market quite sometime ago. The company were doing their marketing survey last year, and I was one of those who did their questionnaire. I got $5 after 15 mins.. anyway..back to me dying my hair~

Getting ready...
the items in the box..

here's the difference!
it's foamy..and goes onto your hair
like shampoo..
Did I mention it cost more than the other dyes?

You just apply it to dry hair, massage it
and that's it.. almost fuss free.. although you may wanna use a wide tooth comb to go thru it. Else you have to massage thoroughly so to spread the dye evenly.

leave it on for 20-30 mins
rinse it off, followed by shampoo and conditioner :)

End result
( taken with flash)

oh, it is mere fraction of what I would have to pay at the salon. $19.90 for this dye ( yes, slightly dearer than other brands..but quite an ease to use )


Since we are on the subject of beautifying oneself.. We sometimes or often neglect one part ..that is the feet! I used to have very bad cracked heels. It doesn't help when I have rather itchy hands too. I would peel them. Yeah!~ Bad I know. I was wobbling at one point as the crack was so bad that it hurts as I walked. From that day on, I vowed not to pick at it..and also to take proper care of it.. :) Although it is still dry these days, the heels are not as bad as they were weeks ago. Here's what i have been doing ......basic foot care ..very simple :P

First, I would fill up a basin of warm water, pour in a dollop of foot soak, place my feet inside and soak them for a good 10-15 mins. Then, I would use the Bodyshop Lemon grass foot polish and finish off with a good scrub with that heel scrub apparatus ( what is that call? I have no idea)

These are the two creams I apply every night
you have to be discipline to apply every night

The Eight hour cream smells pretty medical
But it works for me! You can use it for chapped lips too

Yes, I know are wondering how to walk with all those cream on the sole right?
Wear some socks~
These are meant to be worn at home..
there is anti slip at the sole

There you go..
keep them on when u sleep
Feet will be soft in the morning :)

I love these socks..should have bought more from
the lady... it's only $4

oh, I bought another new dress ...
I am into dresses these days..they are so easy to wear and
move around :)

Why am I not surprise it's blue again :P i toyed with the picture :P
it's so easy to beautify oneself these days
surely u can see that the lashes are fake

From Forever 21

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