Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So what is "the ugly truth'?

Darn.. I have read quite a few bad reviews for this movie.. they said that the lead actress spoilted the movie.. But i kinda enjoyed it .

I like the chemistry between Gerard Bulter and Katherine Heigl, whom both by the way are great actors and I like them ! Do you know Katherine Heigl is married already? I am slow..I just sorta found out while watching some entertaiment news program on cable . i am like S L O W :D

Back to the movies.. do bear in mind that it's NC16 ... mainly because of the langauge used. Ahem.. they threw the usual "f'' and other words of 'action' plus some rather interesting toys that may get you interested :P Oh well.. apart from the actors, the storyline is very cliche actually. Girl dislike guy, guy dislike girl, somehow they fell in love and end up together. I guess they could have done a better job with the story :P and the whole men think with their lower half while women with their heart.. okay..i kinda like those stupid jokes..but this 'theory' has been there and done with many many times.

Funny thing is, I guess not many people in the audience laughed at the jokes. Christine and I were however laughing our head off at those scenes and silly jokes.

If you are able to withstand silly sexual jokes and just watch a mindless movie.. you should watch this :P Go in and have a few laughs..and unwind! :)

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Rene said...

We watched it and we LOVED it! Our audience was laughing a lot compared to yours ;)