Monday, September 28, 2009

Has it been 2 years already?! Happy 2nd Anniversary Foodies

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we formed friendship, we had fun...and it has been 2 years

The Facebook Foodies Club has just celebrated her 2nd year anniversary. Another milestone! This of coz calls for another dining event ( we are called the Foodies yeah. ) So yes, dinner was held at a cozy neighborhood restaurant located in Telok Kurau .

As Thomas was also gonna be joining us for the dinner, he asked me to swing by his place before we take a walk down to Telok Kurau. I've always love the places Thomas has stayed before and like wise I like this one storey 'house' he recently rented :)

After taking a few tiny sips of the potion drink he served me, and me taking a couple of photos of the fiesty feline, we made our way on foot to the restaurant.
It took us a awhile to locate the place. Though that wasn't much of an issue.

Couple of weeks ago, we gave the nice people at Garden Slug a budget to work with and they came up with a decent fare for 15 people :) But I guess we were not very impressed with some of the selection. Anyway...moving on..

We got a nice corner to ourselves . I like the sofas and the laid back home setting. It was a simple place.. nothing pretentious.

So our meals were spread out on the table, ala buffet style. We were served lemongrass ice tea, a refreshing change from the usual ice tea, though I don't quite like it.. not big on lemongrass. Some of my friends liked it though..

The spread of me :P
( thomas made me pose for this hahaa )

What's on the dinner table?

There was the greek salad, which I found it okay... too much olives for me since i don't eat them at all.

Next up, the sausages, not too bad.. then again..i could be bias..since I love sausages :P

Up next.. Baked fish..which i loved..the cream base sauce goes well with the fish. But can get a little too heavy after a 2 helpings :P The fish is covered in a blanket of baked cheese

the wasuga chicken wings were was said to be marinated for 48 hrs .

and there was the aglio olio pasta as well , it is quite unlike the others i have tried else where. ( i don't quite like it ) can i forget the smoked salmon

For desserts we had a tray of tiramuis and lots of popsicle brownies~The tiramuis had a nice texture, but we all felt that it needed a bit more brandy/rum and more coffee was tad sweet.

I like the cute presentation of brownies but not so for the dry texture ...

Business was good as in diners streamed in as we sat in our nice cozy corner. Service's nice. As we had left overs, they offered us plastic containers for us to bring home the food. One thing though, they close early, even on a Saturday. 10pm. And prices on the menu is what you pay for..there is no GST nor any other service charges :)

Thomas and I

The must have group photo..
Thomas wasn't feeling too well, so he left b4 we took the photo


Finally ventured to the golf driving range for lunch!

Four ice lemon teas

four of us had the same meal
beef burger

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