Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hooked on K dramas :)

Here are 2 korean dramas which I have finished watching recently :)

The Man in the Vineyard
( 2006)

Yoon Eun-hye & Oh Man Seok

Right..this is quite a dated production, 3 years ago to be exact. I was home on one of the weekends and was watching it on ch 173. I wouldn't call myself a fan of Yoon Eun-hye ( 尹恩惠) but I do like watching her dramas :) She's kinda bubbly and cute.. and so I was drawn to this drama and started watching it online. I wasn't quite impress by the male lead- Oh Man Seok and thought he look so ordinary. But slowly, he seems to grow on me . The story's about this city girl who somehow got an inheritance of a countryside vineyard, but she has to work there for a year before becoming the owner of the place. So she packed up and moved to the countryside to be a farmer . That's how she got to know the male lead and after squabbles and misunderstanding, they fall in love :P

Another male character was a doctor..I have seen him in other dramas; always portraying the goody two shoes...he does have a nerdy look...but he looks good in the picture below ..

Kim Ji Suk


I laughed and cried while watching
the painter in the wind

It is currently airing on ch 55 on Sunday nights

It is set in the year 1766, so this is one of those period dynasty drama with the Dowager Empress and Emperor and what not. Female character ,Yukbok has a sad background with her parents being killed by someone in the court. She was brought up by the enemy who dressed her up as a boy and used her painting talents to his advantage .

Yukbok as a guy.. a girl!
Pretty :)

Her mind and emotions were quite screwed up, as she actually fell for a prostitute ( okay..more like a musician in a brothel) . And yea, the lady gave her heart to Yukbok..not knowing she is a girl until later part of the drama. No one saw that she was a female, not even her own painter teacher.. who also fell for her~ !

There were many funny moments between Yukbok and her teacher ..i love the chemistry between them plus I kept wondering when will he find out that she is a girl! :)

文根英, 朴新陽
The girl who dressed as a boy and her teacher
at the drama press conference

The ending was really sad.. nah, no one died... just that it wasn't your conventional 'they lived happyily ever after' fairy tale ending.

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