Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time seems to fly by too quickly

Have I been slow on my updates again? Seems like it huh. :)
I'll do a quick post then since I don't really have much thoughts to share for now. Personally I love weekends that are filled with activities. It just feels good to be out with a good friend or a bunch of friends, filling one another with what is revolving around our lifes, catching up over a drink or two :) I just did that over the weekend ...and what do you usually do over the weekends? Sometimes it is just good to stay home , curl up in bed, reading a book.

20 Aug Thursday

The last time I saw Vivia, she was just 5-6mths old..boy has she grown! Congrats to dear Lynn for Vivia will be a big sister by October :)

She is tall for her age!
It's in the genes.. she has tall parents :)

We all had fun didn't we?
Dear Vivia is such a joy to be with

See you soon Vivia!


22 August Saturday
Tiong bahru Porridge with Liz and Ivan

Ivan bought us to this place near Tiong bahru Mkt
for traditional charcoal cooked porridge

Quite tasty..and dun really feel thirsty after eating
you know how some porridge gives you the
thirsty they have added lots of 'msg'

Liz and I went on our way to Zouk while Ivan made his way home with his char siew bao after dinner :) It's Liz's first time to Zouk :P Well, my brother kinda won a contest and he has to do some 'reporting' for the event ( ) that was taking place at Zouk that evening. He was able to bring in some friends, so I asked Liz along :) * free entry plus 2 drinks...why not ! *

We weren't that crazy about such events..but it was a different experience for Liz :) And I thought my clubbing days are over :P * I hope I wouldn't be chased out of a club coz of my age lor :P *

The hosts

the winner


I will update sunday's activites in awhile...time to sleep now..

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山龟 said...

haha, if you are being chased out of the club, then me sure kena banned lor..hehehehe.