Sunday, August 30, 2009

鱼头炉 fish head steamboat on a Friday Night

Being a big steam boat fan, I kinda 'signed up' for this event the minute it was posted up :]

Having tried a few other fish steamboats, I was keen to try the one at Merchant Street Seafood Fish Head Restaurant ( technically, it was located at a corner coffeeshop ) It was a brisk 3 mins walk from the Aljuined Mrt Station. ( towards the direction of the Geylang East Library )

It wasn't overly packed last night, but most tables were filled by 8pm. Our group were split into 3 tables with 6-7 of us in a table. It helped that James was there earlier to 'booked' the tables for us :)

Call me 'old school' but I really like the fact that they use charcoal for the steamboat. I love the nostalgia feeling of eating out of a traditional charcoal steamboat! :)

There's tang orh ( veggie ), a bit of fish maw,
cabbage, seaweed, fish ( duh of coz) and plum!
( I love love love the was delicious, sweet and rich in flavor )

Veggie & fish were fresh :)

Our table ordered extra serving of fish and veggie as the initial order was rather small. You can order the usual zi char fare to go with the steamboat.

Another table had the hai jeon kai prawn paste chicken
( 虾酱鸡 )
They used wings for this dish..

Pork Ribs

The zi char dishes are generally okay, nothing to rave about. I really enjoyed the soup though :) They have other local favorites such as slice fish soup bee hoon and fish head bee hoon as well .

As we were enjoying our dinner, a neighbouring cat dropped by our tables to say hi. Going by the usual stray cats standard, this one is seems to be 'anorexic' . Perhaps he is a fussy eater :P

Some of us that were present
We ajorned to You Tiao Da Wang for
part 2...i had a glass of cold soy bean drink

All that were present
we had to combine a few tables

my hair's long again..
time to snip it off!

Dinner came up to $10+ per pax. It was easy on the wallet and really tasty :)

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