Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Toys Games n Comics Convention 09

14 -16 Aug 09
Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention 2009

I was there on Friday evening. There are really a lot of toys and collectibles both on exhibit and on sale :) The toy brand, Ban Dai, had a whole booth solely for gashapon -Capsule toys!
I was very disciplined.. turning only 2 that day! That two toys cost me $5 already :P

There was a huge wall with drawings of the various artists who were involved in the convention. See if you have seen any of these before :)

Blythe dolls !
They have such 'expressive' eyes
makes you go 'hhhmmm..'
Do you think dolls come alive when u are asleep?
They are just so pretty and stylish :]
Check out the website HERE

Cute dog!
here's the website

Tofu toys!
I got a mini one from turning a capsule
and got it signed by Shin, the artist! :)

The artist drew on it..
so cute :P

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