Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eileen's short and sweet FAQ

I know how some of you have been coming daily to check on my updates :) Thanks guys! I know how 'disappointing' it must have been to realised I do not have any new entries since Monday. Well, are u slightly happier that I have a new entry now? Just kidding .. of coz i do hope that you feel slightly more fulfilled by reading my blog .. * who am I bluffing... no lah.. I am just happy that you are even reading this *

So yes, it seems that I have many friends asking me the same questions since the day I turned 25 oops..make that 25+10 years old .... Kinda tiring answering over and over I have done up a small FAQ today.. I am tired of being asked the following questions... and why is 25+10 such a defining age in Singapore?

Just becoz being single at this age allows us to buy a flat? or becoz at this age, the biological clock is ticking way way too much so that if I do want a baby, I had better hurry up find a man and get preg. be4 i turn the big Four? Life would be miserable if I have a kid and yet my husband is out there fooling around. Whatever, it's my life and whoever says that I have to stay away from home or get married asap better just shut up hahahaha..

Q1: So are you moving out yet?

A: No, wouldn't be moving out any sooner.

Q2: Are you buying a HDB flat?

A: No, not buying a flat at the present moment.

Q3: Don't you want to stay alone?

A: Yes and No.
Yes, it would be a change, do up my own place etc. No, I don't like being alone all the time..coming back to an empty flat.. no, there is no one to do laundry..oops :P and no, the up keeping of a place on my own is just beyond me.. $$wise

Q4: Are you getting married ?

A: No. but no worries. You will get my invites if I am going to.

Q5: Do you want to have babies?

A: If I get hitched and is still in my 30s then yes..have a kid! Those who don't have a kid or have never taken care of one ( i am not talking about playing with them for an hour or two) don't know what goes behind the scene of raising up a child. It's a life time commitment & an expensive one with the rising cost in Singapore.

Q6: Why still single? Are you fussy?

A: I am happy being single. No reason why still single.. I mean why should I be with somone that's not right for me? :) It's not's the men who are fussy.

Done! I hope I have answered all your queries once and for all :)


Jade said...

haha the first two are funny somehow :p Do many people really ask you questions like when are you gonna have a baby?

Eileen. 静 said...

some people would ask if i want kids.. technically speaking..i do not have many years left to have kids hahaha..

cOnZ said...

Who says u have to give birth to your own kids?? C'mon! U can have a kid at 100! Way to go gal! ;D

山龟 said...

haha... I agree with u, nowadays men are fussy!

Eileen. 静 said...

Conz-- hehe..of coz i can always have a it by birth or otherwise.. just that it's the energy part that i may not have! ahahhha..

Shan gui xiao jie! -- yes yes.. men think that they are God's wonderful creatures..