Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nicole spending time with Eileen godma

Spending time with Nicole

Venue : Junction 8 n Bishan Library
Saturday 1 Aug

Doodling while having breakfast
she can spell her name :)

''Godma! take me and the mouse!"
Nicole and her bff!~ hahaa

Decided it is more fun to sit on Stuart little :P

Brought her to the library as well.. she was very well behave, unlike some of the other kids who were running around and talking loudly.

Nic and her special apple balloon

see!~ can 'stick' onto most smooth surfaces~
Do u want one too?
Get it from Junction 8 McDonald's

chubby cheeks drinking apple juice


Godma! Happy Birthday!
*muak* big big kiss
It warms my heart to know that Nicole
enjoys spending time with her godma

i would be lying if i said I haven't feel any stirring of my maternal instinct. I guess it has been dormant and I don't wanna really think about it hahah Hmmm..can I have a baby but don't give a damn about the man? Nah, that wouldn't be fair for the kid

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