Tuesday, August 04, 2009

生日快乐 III

I know I should have concluded with my birthday photos ..but I have been too lazy and also was caught up with lunches and coffee with friends, that's why this last entry on my birthday is delayed till today :P

I met my aunt and dear cousin Wei jie for a late lunch on my birthday itself. It was a simple affair at Sushi Teh Vivo city . It's good to be able to meet Weijie coz he will be very busy from now..as he has already started law school in NUS.

Some food we shared
Had my fav. spicy miso ramen and salmon belly soup

Thanks Aunt Grace for lunch :)

Deciding which dessert to have

Yuzu sorbert
not quite what i like.. tasted like mandarin orange

I went home for dinner that day and bought a cake for family :) Dear brother was my photographer :p

Look at all the chocolate~!
There is a layer of biscuit sandwished inside :)

Well, birthday this year has been like I said above, a simple affair. It's quite nice actually.. nothing pretentious..nor superficially about it as I spend it with people that matters to me :)

here are some presents I received. Thanks my dear friends

3 pink items!
*Pink Hello Kitty Bottle From Chrissy!
Love it lots :)
*Pink Pig on Toilet Bowl is from colleague Justin :P
* Pink to fu toy from brother

whahah... they say look alike lor
yeah..face is round -_-'''

Close gal friend gave me vouchers
and I got myself a bag

Sweet sweet lilac bag from dear Ruth!

I have decided to get myself a watch
for my birthday every year...

This is the watch for this year

Red packet from aunt and grandma

It's the simple things in life that makes it memorable. Thanks dear friends and family for making this possible... :)

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Josephine said...

Nice birthday you have..
Happy belated birthday Eileen..