Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's a long weekend!

You can't imagine how tired I was yesterday. My room was like a war zone. So yes, I was at Muji on Friday evening to get the roller trolley to store my bags . I decided it was time to reorganized some of the things in my congested room. It was packing and moving of boxes after boxes, throwing away bags that I haven't been using in years..repacking some of the nicer ones, and storing those bigger ones for travel away in the storeroom. Then there was the wiping of furniture and what not. It was really tiring!

That's just part of it... I haven't settle the mountainous amount of shopping paper/plastic bags in the corner of my desk~ You know how u just chuck it aside when u remove your shopping items from the bags. Some are very pretty and you just keep it.. that's how it has been for me... accumulating them! Very bad! It's time to get rid of some...

So my room took up a good 4 hours of my time. Oh! I was at the Borders book sale at Expo in the morning. Brother is a member, so we get 10 % off the sale price :) He picked up quite a lot of books ( he gives books as presents etc :) ) I managed to get 3 books. Dear Ruth is at the Borders sale~~! She managed to collaborate with Borders and they got her this time round to showcase her wares! I bought some stationary from her too :)

So much for my Saturday!

Let's re track and go back to last weekend!

It was BKT aka Bar Kut Teh 肉骨茶 Lunch on Sunday with my foodies pals. An acquaintance is in town for 2 weeks and he was craving for BKT~ :) Mind you he is not local n not chinese haha. So we all met at Beach road and had a great time eating BKT!

I love this kind of BKT as compared to the local peppery style. This is the M'sia style. More herbal taste and not so peppery :) I still miss the one I ate at JB..should be the one at Sentosa..they have mushroom in the pot!

The sign board says it all :)

The fatty pot of Ter Ka(trotters )

The gravy is to die for.. I like it alot!~
Goes very well with rice.... hmmmmm

We ordered two pots of the BKT
One with mixture of meat & innards
the other one just the ribs

The meat was soft and easy to eat..
Pity about the liver, it was overcooked..

We all squeezed into the car and went forth to Marina Starbucks for a cuppa.
And if that wasn't enough, we went for the third round!

Strolled to Esplanade for a hearty filling dose of chocolate~

max brenner
My drink


Cool art at City link underpass

will update later~
running late again...argh!!hahaha

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