Monday, August 10, 2009

Photolog-- Food and personal space

I have so much backdated photos to post! Now where do I start? I know! :)

The four of us at work decided to cab out to TPY center for lunch last week..we don't do this often.. so it's really a nice change from eating near the office .

The group didn't wanna eat at the food court, so I introduced them to Old Town White Coffee . This is a relatively new outlet at TPY. It is located just above the KFC.

Poor Ben was still coughing, so we advised him to stay clear of fried and spicy dishes..He ended up eating bread :P

Alamak..I looked sick in the solo picture..

This was my lunch
Curry Noodle
I didn't quite like it

Edith had the assam laska
It was loaded with onions and I love the
sour soup~

Justin's Nasi Lemak

Maybe we can go for sushi the next time!
( when we feel like splurging)


Some clients can be very nice.. in fact most of them are
some are just nicer hehee

Tau Sar Piah..courtesy of friendly client

Very nice!
guess who gets to keep them?
* hehehe...ssshh... *

I can't resist and bought the japan grapes again~
This time round..the authentic one..from Japan


Remember that I was telling you about reorganizing my room?

There you go.. the corner next to my computer table is much neater now

This is how the corner looks like

The belts are also in a neat corner :)
and the bags are kept neatly in the trolley
next to them are some of my shoes..
there are more on the shoe rack outside :P


Jade said...

thats a lot of belts you have there!!

aww i want to see the shoes D:

Eddie Lim said...

yeah!! looks neat =)

Eileen. 静 said...

hmmm..i will try to line up my shoes one day! hahaha..

thanks dear bro~ i am trying to mantain it ahhaha