Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When we are together .... :]

What might the occasion be for us to come together for a nice dinner? It's all because of Ammi :)
This dear girl is back in Singapore for a 3 week visit. We have been keeping in touch via MSN & Facebook the past 1 yr plus. I shared her joy when she told me over MSN about her conceiving with baby Mattieu in Sweden
Pity we didn't get to meet the cute baby on Sunday. Never mind, plenty of chance next time when she' s back for good :)

So I took this chance and gather all of us for dinner last Sunday :)

Kinda miss those days where we would all log in to the forum and chat almost everyday :) we talked about anything and everything , it was just very comfortable back then :) And in a blink of an eye, 3 yrs have passed! Things have changed, and these are the ones that stood the test of time :)

Dinner venue was at Orchard Central , one of the newest mall in town. We were suppose to meet at the lobby area. Julian was the first to arrive, poor him..had to wait for the rest of us for 1 hr or so :P ( His shift ended and he was way way too early :p )

thankfully I wasn't way too affected by the
"i was seated here first' old hag :P

With Liz

We were entertained with songs sang
by Ngak while waiting for the rest

Dinner's all the way up on the 7th floor

The gang at Tonkichi

My dinner :)

Liz had this...
Very healthy indeed..

I like these colorful decor!

We hope u had a good time catching up, Ammi!

Thanks for the cute magnets

Have you met the tall lady of Orchard Central?

Here's the rest of her lanky body!
She's four stories tall
* i wonder if she walks around the mall*

Candid shot by Julian
Checking out the view...

The evening ended on a high note, with us laughing our hearts out at Starbucks. Let's do it again soon my friends!


Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you guys still keep in touch! :)

The man in the group photo, extreme left, I have met him... though I can't seem to recall his name or nick-name, very nice guy :)

And is that... suaku?

Eileen. 静 said...

hey sweetie-- yeah.. of coz we still keep in reason not to when these are great friends to have :) those not seen in the photos...well...some.. are deemed to be history and not worth my time at all :)

oh..that botak? that's ivan dear :) i jealous..u met him? u didn't meet me :(

HEHEE..and which girl u mean is suaku? no ..she can't make it :)

山龟 said...

Glad you guys had a great time..
Oops, someone mentioned Suaku? You know suaku?

Alicia said...

wah bo jio! :(

Eileen. 静 said...

Alicia-- weren't you in india
??? :P

Alicia said...

erm ya la... but still, i miss u guys!