Friday, July 24, 2009

I have cats on my bedroom wall :)

I was at Novena , United Square recently, and came across this push cart selling wall decals! They have many varieties ranging from flowers, to animals , to toy trains. I stood at the cart for a good 20 mins, flipping thru their designs. I do have the intention to try out wall decals, and since these decals I chanced upon are really cute and not too taxing on the wallet, I decided to buy a simple one to try it out.

So, I went home with this one..

Cats and flowers!

This is how my wall looks like now :)

Me in blue ...
decorated my wall the minute i got home
Didn't even change :P

It's very easy to stick the decal on.
just decorate it as you wish :)
they are easy to remove as well.


rinaz said...

That is so very cute!

How much was it? I wonder if they sell it in Jurong :-)

And your blue top is really pretty too :-) Is it mango?

Eileen. 静 said...

hello Rinaz! must be day time over there for ya:P

the one i bought is considered a small one..cost $19.90 . the bigger designs cost $29.90

So far the lady is only selling at united square. I am not too sure where will she be moving on to. there are some other companies that are selling such stickers online as well :) top is from G2000 .. hehee...been wearing too much blue!