Saturday, July 18, 2009

close your eyes.. count to five...

This has been one of my most *yawn inducing* bland like plain water * weeks ever in the past two mths. But! I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks... coz will be meeting my good friends for meals! Plus will be watching Sing dollars next Saturday! Can't wait :) Yet, on the other hand, amidst all the fun , there is still that hint of sadness as my temp. colleague Hui zi will be ending her time with us in the office. She will be starting school again.

Am gonna miss having her sitting next to me.. oh well.. yeah..and Ben due to his poor health has also decided to take it easy for awhile.. hence he will also be leaving in due time :( Gonna miss them both .. when is my time to go?Things will never be the same ..but this is life..there is always a time for partings.

Now it's time for more random photos of the week...

Eileen is in the blue mood!
I love wearing blue!

Dropped by a discounted store( song n song) in Toa Payoh after work..They used to price sports jackets much cheaper in the past.. now they are $ 30- $40. Still it is even if there is defect.. it isn't obvious at all. Of course don't expect the latest designs..but nevertheless..they look good :P

This is in my cupboard now :P

Brother got one for himself from the same shop ..

Speaking of my brother.. he is the first person to hand me my birthday present!

Early birthday gift

Collectible Item
I don't wanna remove her out of the plastic

This is how she looks like!

At first glance, you may think that the red ball is her nose! but look closely, her nose is there! the red ball is a bubble gum! haahha..cute right :P they have many other adorable designs. Check out their store at Iluma :)

We were really sick and tired of the food at the it was a good thing that he was in a good mood to drive us all out for lunch!

It's my first time eating Northern Thai Tom Yum kung. It's unlike the spicy sourish ones.. This is less spicy, has strong coconut milk taste. I chose the seafood one.. has fish, tofu n prawns. They have the solely fried fish version, the sliced fish version . Very cheap! $3- $5 The seafood is very fresh :)

This is the mix fish one..sliced and fried


i found a beer that i like!


lazy puss--
saw her when I was walking to office on Thursday

She greeted me with this on Friday morning


cOnZ said...

me too! i love wearing blue too! ;D

Eileen. 静 said...

hehhee.. i have been eying at blue clothes these days! scary.. too many liao :P