Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night Festival ( organised by National Museum of Singapore ) 2009

As soon as I saw the promotion for the Night Festival that will be taking place at the National Museum, I made up my mind to go along even if no friends were free or wanna accompany me :P But no, there wasn't a need for me to go along as a gd friend was keen to join me..and my brother was also there with his friends .

The festival has a series of events and performances for two nights only. ( 10 July, 11 July ) During these two nights , Singapore Arts Museum, National Museum of Singapore as well as Pernakan Museum is open to all and it's free admission :)

Before making my way to meet my brother, I was at the Singapore Arts Museum.

There was a Flea-tique Flea Market going on
Just look at the crowd..
there were more stalls inside the courtyard

wwooah~ just look at the crowd :P
I didn't managed to see all the stalls
as I was feeling way too hot and sticky
Got myself a pair of earrings and two rings

Lovely light installation art at the stairs

For those who were there at the SAM recently would have saw the Threads exhibits on the 2nd level. Sometimes , it is quite hard for layman like me to understand why certain things are deemed as art. It seems these days anything can be classified as art.. it has become such a broad range. So me and good friend ventured into the gallery , little did we know what we will come across. It wasn't anything too gory, but just totally strange and a little morbid for one of the exhibits .

I hope the artist didn't
kill all these squirrels..

Here's the morbid one

pure white children's clothes hanging by strings
dangling from the top....

I showed my friend the photos I taken, and he commented that it was very morbid. I didn't had any of such thoughts when I was inside. Guess what the security uncle told me as we were about to walk away from the enclosed exhibit area?

" I don't dare to go in that place at night ''

I was so so tempted to ask if he heard or saw anything strange..but the scaredy cat in me was too frighten to find out further. Go see the exhibit and tell me how you feel about it :P

Anyway, we made our way back to SMU area as the main show was about to start! The road was closed and there were loads of people standing by the road waiting for the Loop of Fortune to start . This amazing performance was put up by a German performance group Pan.Optikum . The one we saw at the Night Festival is just but an adaptation of their performance . But it was enough to awe and dazzle the crowd who were there last night!

We were very excited about the show. By 10.20pm, we could hear music being played at the SMU green, and saw this lady walking on a platform. The music got louder and soon enough, we realised that it was part of the loop of fortune's act. Check out the following photos.. not well taken still waiting for my brother's photos :)

Hugh blast of fire! We all felt the heat!~

can you see the human hamster in the wheel?

It was really wonderful!
This is one of my brother's photos..
Beautiful isn't it? look at all the sparks

Another photo from another angle..

Transforming the museum into an array of colors
I called this the veggie backdrop..

This was the only photo of me for the night :P


The Crystal City
By Donna Ong


I love how the shadow was being casted by the trees..
so un spore.

ps : Perhaps u would wanna take a look at last year's event


Anonymous said...

hahah veggie backdrop :P

Chrissy said...

I hope the lady is okay...she fell from her stilts, quite a bad fall it seemed. The paramedics came shortly after to carry her away from the performance ground.

From the looks of it, the last few moments of the loop of fortune was somewhat different. The sparks coming down from the musuem weren't as much as the 1st night. Sad...

Eileen. 静 said...

the rain must have affected the show badly. I hope the performer is doing fine..