Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello! on a raining Thursday :)

Here's a very quick and short post of what I have been doing this week ~

Monday 6th July 09

My music group had an informal performance ( semi formal dress code :P ) at LT 13 . It was one of those performances for 'internal' people and we didn't publicized it.

Mus has a new funky
* somewhat 'beng' * hairstyle

This is how the back of
his head looks like now...

It was makan time after the short performance, and after cancelling out on a few places to eat, we eventually ended up at a place where it felt foreign to me ...that being Bukit Timah Hawker Center . But wah! Little did I know that they do have some delicious food stalls there! :)

This was my Hokkien Mee
Quite palatable , was of the right consistency

You can't go wrong with braised duck rice!

All 5 of us gave Happy Wanton Noodles thumbs up!!
4 of us sampled Edwin's noodles :P
The uncle made it with lots of sauce.

Red Tea Jelly Fruit dessert have been around town centers these days..
you might have notice stalls selling
$2.80 watches

Mus bought his first..and I saw one stall selling at Toa Payoh
I didn't want to get one..but this bling bling one caught my eye
while I was browsing around :P

fishy watch


Orchard Isetan

Being a member of the makeup brand, Ettusais, I was down at their monthly birthday event for birthday members.

Everyone got a cute gift..

Ducky handphone accessory
Ducky biscuit with super duper sweet suger icing

Some of the items I bought...


Drink more Vit C!

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