Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The one who just had an early birthday celebration :)

I love weekends that are filled with activities!~ The past weekend was a fun filled one :)
It was made known to us that one of our friends would be shifting his shop to another location, so we took this chance to have like a farewell to this cozy shop space that we have grown accustomed to.

So dear Sharon planned a movie night for us all as a last gathering at Adrian's.
We also had a post and pre birthday celebration for Gabe ( post) and me ( pre) . Food was great. James whipped a mean and yummy dish of sambal beef and the other dish was a mix of beer and meat * i may be wrong..pls correct me * Tara brought dumplings, Gabe came with Ke Ai Ji! cute chicken literally..fried chick wings lah :p . Sharks.. sorry but I dunno who bought the satay.. could be Allen or Vel.

Alvin got us oink oink..porky knuckles..love it with mustard. Oh.. of cos there is me.. i baked oatmeal choc.chip cookies and also got mum to make her always popular konnyaku jelly. Justin and Sharon got us the delicious cakes :) oh yes..Sarah bought lots of chips and drinks :)

I didn't manage to take any food pics this time ... lighting was quite dim :P So here goes the pics :)

After filling our tummies with all the food, it was movies time! Well... not b4 our "IT Dept" set up the system :P

We took a short break after the first movie to have our desserts!

Gabe chopped the chocolate cake..leaving
me with the mango one :) Both cakes were delicious!
Chocolate cake was from Awfully Chocolate
and mango's from four leaves I think :)

Gabe chopped the chocolate cake..leaving
me with the mango one :) Both cakes were delicious!
June birthday boy n July birthday girl

What is Gabe trying to do with the plastic knife!?

Love this pic..
we are going to miss this cozy shop space :)

They loved the cookies I baked!


Gaβe said...

You forgot to mention that you're terrible at cutting cakes.

Eileen. 静 said...

heeheh..oh yes.. but i learnt..and it proved to be quite a simple task after all :P