Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eileen's week in a nut shell- prelude to my birthday

Here I am once again, done with morning chores n work, staring at the pc, wondering should I blog or just play mindless games on facebook. As you prob. can guess, I chose the former. Damn, those games are really additive and you can end up spending an hour or so on them! That's quite unproductive :P

This week went quite well actually, with nothing much really to complain or rant about. It was .. plain boring to be exact. Yes, I asked myself how can that be when I apparently met 5 girl friend on two separate occasions, went Ion Orchard ( nightmare as me and P.tried to look for a place to eat) and it was smooth sailing at work?!?!

After thinking through, I kinda zeroed it down to pre birthday jitters . It is no big secret that I will be fast approaching my mid thirties in a matter of days and this feeling of jadedness is hovering over me like a stupid big dark cloud.

The thing is, all 5 girl friends i met are having their own patches of dark clouds as well! It was mildly depressing -_-'' Next week should not be like this! hahaahha. I will get out of the mood! Yes I will :P

See! Even the clothes I wear lack colors!~ It has been a week of blue!! Check it out

Crystal Jade with Jandy
They have changed their menu :) quite a variety of noodles to choose from

her dinner
I still think the soup taste like satay sauce

i love the marble beef and soup

My all time favorite
( price have increased $6.50 now)

Had dinner at Ichicban with Jandy, Joey n May , but like i say, everyone had dark clouds, so it was more like a rant your heart out session. No photo taking at all.. just as well..I looked too tired after a long day.

Another beef dish! Have to cut down on beef intake

I hopped by Ice cold beer after dinner to join Chris and Constance for a drink

I am not a big fan of beer..but this seems okay.
will try smoother ones next time :P

I still made to Ion Orchard :P Messaged P. pretty last minute and he happened to be free after work. But this place is best to be avoided on a weekend or friday nights ! It is impossible to get a seat anywhere for a decent meal.

In fact, all cafes and restaurants there had people lining up , waiting for a table. The first 4 floors are dedicated to the well heeled. I don't see myself going in to Miu Miu nor Dior for purchases any sooner.. The 4 basement stories are the more affordable, basic brands such as Zara, Mango and Charles and Keith. They have quite classy restrooms by the way.

Exit\ entrance to the underpass and train station
be careful when u step out..coz there are
sprouting water fountains on the steps! eehheehe

Strange fruit outside the Ion

Miu miu's shop front
Really stand out amongst the traditional
browns and blacks

check out the
sign at the restroom
classy isn't it :P

Wore blue again for the day

Morning was spend in a
cozy relaxing recording studio
( for work of coz)

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Happy Pre-Birthday! ;)