Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mum's Expensive Fish Ordeal

Scene 1

Ion Orchard

Phone beeped-- text msg from Gabe : ooi ,supper with Tara later

Eileen replied : sure .. see u at my place downstairs

Scene 2

Orchard mrt station

Train arrives , Eileen hopped on to the crowded train and headed home

Scene 3


Eileen opens door, saw aunt not asleep at 11.20 pm

Aunt : your mum has a fish bone in her throat... you & your brother bring her to A & E

Eileen : har! so careless, okay okay

Eileen changed, got her jacket, wallet and keys.

Called Gabe : sorry, can't join you guys liao, mum needs to go A & E

Gabe: Okay..go go.

Eileen went to the lift lobby and waited for her mum and brother. Together they got into a cab and headed for Changi Hospital. Apparently her mum has the bone there for one day liao! They both chided her for not going to a GP earlier.

Scene 4

Changi Hospital

Took temperature , got scanned, got masked up

It wasn't crowded at all..thankfully. Eileen was rather prepared to spend the night at the A & E . It was an excellent choice to go to Changi instead of the nearby TTSH.

It was mandatory to wear the mask now

Scene 5

Room 9

Dr. Allen Ng : Ok, say open your mouth and say ''AAAHHH"

the fish bone

interesting croc like slipper worn by Dr Ng

Scene 6

Taxi cruising along PIE , Eileen is glad the day is finally over... zzzzzzzzzzz

PS: What an expensive fish Eileen's mum ate. She said it wasn't that painful , but didn't trust the other GPs in the estate as the usual family GP wasn't open that evening. She waited one whole day b4 deciding to go A & E to remove it! The injury could have resulted in an infection and who knows what will happen. So pls, for those others who have a fish bone stuck in your throat, don't wait! Don't listen to stupid old wives tales like eating rice or bananas or what not! Just go to a doctor.


Superman said...

lol... As for now, you can your mother are bloggers. :p

rinaz said...

Gosh, thats a big fish bone. I wouldnt want to have that in my throat! Hope your mum is fine now!

Eileen. 静 said...

Rinaz- yeah..mum is alright. she was given some lozenges and mouth wash. I guess we all gotta be careful when it comes to eating fish! :P

Rene said...

I love eating fish, but the fish bones always annoy me a tiresome to eat carefully in order not to swallow one....