Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She finally typed on the keyboard after staring at the screen for a min or two. There are too many things that she wants to update here on her humble blog. It's quite 'timely' that the blog owner is currently suffering from a mental block. Don't mind her rather random photos and ' i rather watch channel 5 Red Thread than to read this yawn inducing ' entry . She's very happy that you have clicked on her blog url today and this post of hers should have satisfied your daily dose of E :P

Some simple skin care purchases

marvel gel, lip balm and mask

Make up base with sunscreen

She loves this sweet smelling body lotion .. one too many again :P

PS: Alvin, if you are reading this.. the above are necessities :P hee hee


She went for a simple routine checkup last week at one of the hosptials and met up with Maria after that. Sweet girl treated her to a much needed refreshing serving of mango sago

Trying very hard to keep a straight face
Staff nurse in the making? :P


She finds great joy in looking far out at the clouds..

Day break


Plain water makeover
A nice glass and a slice of lemon makes a difference


Alvin Ng said...

Woah, wait.. simple?

Eileen. 静 said...

:P yeah.. simplicity.. :P