Monday, June 08, 2009

The one with a new gadget 之我的新电话

Well, it may not be the latest 'in' phone, but it is one of the better ones around:)

So there you go..I just got myself a SE C905 . I have lost count of the number of SE. phones I have owned before :} The array of smart phones out there did dazzled me for a moment.. but after listing down the kind of functions I need , I settled on C905. Those functions in a smart phone would be useless to me. It helps when friends around you are all equipped with the latest phones :P

So, the Samsung Pixon is fun but camera's kinda lacking , Nokia E71 is too business like for me , plus the camera is one of the worst around :P ( it's great for emailing and simple word doc. and wonderful for people on the go ) E66 and E65 both seems okay.. but i dun quite like the designs . After going back and forth from one phone to the other, it is C905 :P
( no offence to friends who are using the above mentioned phones :P )

Afterall SE still offers a much better camera ( for a phone that is ) compared to the rest. One thing about this model-- it is kinda heavy .. and it's my first slide phone,hence have to get use to it and be real gentle about the sliding function. Smart phones and all the touch screen Iphone wannabes are cool... but I guess I just want a simple phone :)

PS: i am one of the "primitive '' ones that doesn't have a data plan. I don't wish to be contactable all the time nor do i wanna be on the go and check my work emails all the time


Gaβe said...

This is an excellent choice, especially for one who will take photos of yummy food.

passerby said...

I've been using this fone for a couple of months now. It's not bad and I've also grown accustomed to SE phones. This is my 4th SE phone. Camera is high in pixels and I've always loved cybershot but it can't beat the cybershot camera itself but still a good camera in a fone.

One drawback is the speaker seems to have some problem. I just had my repaired and my friend sent in twice for repair already!

But overall I like this phone =D

Eileen. 静 said...

Passerby-- thanks for the valuable comments. agree that phone cameras have their limitations :) and a friend with the same phone also had problems with his fone.. in the end he had a one to one exchange coz of some keypad issue which couldn't resolve even after repair. I am keeping my fingers cross that mine will be fine :P

Gabe-- yeah! it's so handy :P hehe