Friday, June 12, 2009

Evening getaway @ Sentosa

We are greeted by the arrival of summer in a sweaty and humid manner. I perspire the minute I am out of the bathroom these days. Everyone around me complains about the heat and small talk among friends starts like this '' wah! weather very hot hor?''

So what measures do u take to keep yourself cooling? Share share lah :) I have been drinking lots of ice water... but I heard that it's really no good for your body . The weather is really a killer.. and knowing where my office is, you can't blame me for taking a cab in from TPY interchange. That 5-10 mins walk (depends on where I alight) in is nothing for me on a normal day.. but I just can't bring myself to do so these days . My clothes sticks on to my skin and I can feel the heat on my skin after walking in!

I have been wearing light and try to avoid jeans. Anyway, so much for the weather!

I was over at Sentosa with the Lims on Tuesday and Wednesday evening :) I shan't go into too much details..but I do have lots of photos to share~!

on my way to the island after work...
sun's behind me!

I can't reveal where this is :P

Romantic surroundings

She wants to take a pic with the giant papaya

My first luge ride!
The luge and sky ride has been in Sentosa for so long
..yet it's only my first time trying out both :P
It was really fun... went twice hehe

went for the sky ride too..twice as well
This was taken by the automated camera
nice ya? I love the view high up


Had a bit of 'me time' at the beach
Look at the amazing sky

Guess what
you can get a free view of the
'songs of the sea' high up the 'castle'

I love this photo..
she's so sweet

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