Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quiz time--at the end of the entry :P

I wasted no time in arranging to meet dear Karen after we updated each other of 'happenings' that has taken place in our lives in the past 6 mths via sms. She recently moved in to her new nest in Siglap so I took this chance to visit her and the kids! It's really a full time job being a stay home mother to 3 children!

The kids were quite happy to meet me even though I haven't met them in 6 mths. They were rattling to me about their schools, friends as well as their trip to Australia last year. Time really fly! The eldest, Meixuan is in Pr.3, 2nd boy is Pr.2 and the baby is already 3 yrs old :)

Karen't new place was nicely done up. She and her husband did consult their feng shui master as to when to move in and what to be put up in the house . I love the kids' rooms.. so cheerful and cozy !

I like this wall..

The dining area

Meixuan's room

Zheng hua's room

We spend most of the time soaking in the condo pool, catching up on our lives and ranting . I really miss spending my days like that :P just lazing around, put my head back and relax with a good friend. Both of us were really happy to just soak in the pool.

Sensible little girl

oops..badly taken by me :P
the middle one...also the naughty one :P

The baby of the family is not quite acquainted with me compared to his siblings
So guess what..he actually growled at me when I spoke to him during dinner ( He was in child care during the day ) . But slowly, he realised how nice Eileen 姨姨(auntie) is and finally open up to me after much warming up!
cutie Yi xian

I guess the next time i get to see them again would be the year end holidays. Gonna miss them :)

A recent project at work requires us to do casting for acting talents, so we set aside two days for that. One of them that came was a Brazilian model and we were all quite amazed by his height . We also poured thru his portfolio consisting of mostly tear sheets. Scroll down and see how tall is he.. Okay yes i know i look like a dwarf next to him!!

He is tall isn't he??
wanna guess his height?
I will give a small gift to the person who can get his height correct..
(or nearest to the answer)

* How could I have forgotten to set a closing date for the quiz !
hahaha.. okay.. quiz will close on 15 June 2009 11.59pm. *


incognito said...

looks like ard 1.9m tall

Chrissy said...

1.98 close to 2m?

blackespresso said...

Oh my imagine if I stood next to him.....

would be like this ---> .|


Julian said...

2.22m! Woo hoo! and Casts me too! ha ha!

Eileen. 静 said...

oK! I shall reveal his height now....

it's 194cm..

hehehe.. since i have two answers that's close to 194...i shall reward these two friends!

Chrissy said...


incognito said...

wee so how am i gonna get my prize?

Wee said...

waaaaah i guessed 195cm why wasn't my comment published LOL im passerby by the way lol

Eileen. 静 said...

incognito-- hehe.. can give me your email? thanks..

wee-- so sorry...i didn't see it ...guess the system didn't capture it..